What can you search for?

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With Examine32/Examine64 Text Search you can search for simple text up to more complex searches using logical expressions or Grep regular expressions.


Simple text


You can search for just a word such as forty or part of a word. If you include space in your text then the program will include this as part of the text. For example, searching for forty two will find all instances of forty followed by a space followed by two. If you want to find documents containing forty and two as separate words then you must use logical or regular expressions.


Logical expressions


Logical expressions enable you to search for two or more strings in combination with expressions such as AND or OR. You can search for documents containing both forty and two by searching for forty AND two. If you want to find either word you can search for forty OR two.


Examine32/Examine64 Text Search allows you to refine these searches by specifying a proximity required for a match. You can specify that the text has to be so many lines, characters or words apart to reduce the numbers of matches.


Regular expressions


You can use regular expressions to create more sophisticated searches. The special characters that you can use to construct a regular expression and their meaning are listed explained here.


You can also use regular expressions within a logical search to create even more powerful searches.